Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing Soaking fruits for rich fruit cake

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Soaking fruits for rich fruit cake. How to soak fruits for your delicious Christmas cake/Fruit cake. I show you all the tips and tricks to successfully soak fruits for Christmas. Traditional Rich Fruit Cake Step by step Soak the fruit overnight.

Soaking fruits for rich fruit cake After baking, make sure any tools You can marinate fruits a few months before with alcohol. If you want to make the cake without alcohol, use caramel syrup for softening the fruits. Classic fruit cake made with soaked unsweetened dried fruit. You can cook Soaking fruits for rich fruit cake using 7 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Soaking fruits for rich fruit cake

  1. Prepare of Raisins.
  2. You need of Green cherries.
  3. You need of Red cherries.
  4. It’s of Rum or Brandy.
  5. You need of Candied orange peels(Check my profile for recipe).
  6. Prepare of Sultanas.
  7. You need of Tutti frutti.

A festive, flavorful, and moist fruit cake to enjoy all holiday season. The soaked dried fruit is folded into the fruit cake batter the following day. I'm hoping for a dark Rich fruitcake loaded with fruit. Probably make a giant one in a tube pan.

Soaking fruits for rich fruit cake instructions

  1. Cut cherries and tutti frutti in smaller pieces..
  2. Place in a glass jar..
  3. Pour in your rum or brandy..
  4. Store in a dark place..
  5. Once in a while check the fruits and add the alcohol. The fruits. should be completely submerged..
  6. Use them in your rich fruit cake..

A rich fruit cake or fruitcake recipe is a perfect blend of fruit and nuts in a cake batter that uses brown sugar as a base. You can make this cake without soaking the fruit too. It's just a matter of taste. Some of us love the taste and some find the flavor too strong. All those christmas fruit cake lover will be starting to soak their dry fruits a year before christmas.

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